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Board training to increase fundraising capacity

"When you have the kind of training that we got from Wingo NYC, it helped us board members stop worrying about asking people for money and start to find pride in asking people for money for such a wonderful cause."
-Eliza Winans Rossman, former board chair, Heights and Hills

When we started our work with Heights and Hills, a social service agency that supports older adults, they needed our help to get their board members engaged in fundraising. Through identifying prospects, board training, event planning and the development of a beautiful new logo and case materials, Wingo NYC set up Heights and Hills and its board to increase their fundraising capacity in the short and long-term.

Case Studies

Demystifying fundraising for staff, board and volunteers

"Before I started working with Wingo, I really had no concept of what fundraising was...It really became not a consultant relationship, but a partnership."
-Peter Goldberg, Executive Director, Brooklyn Community Bail Fund

Brooklyn Community Bail Fund was a start-up organization when they hired us, with only one staff person and a small donor list. Through our six-month signature service, the Wingo Intervention, we equipped them with the comprehensive fundraising knowledge and tools they needed to grow, and that they did. After a successful year-end appeal, major donor cultivation event and productive meetings with board and donor prospects, they hired new staff members, expanded their board and greatly increased their organizational budget – through both knowledge and confidence.

Implementing strategies to make genuine connections with major donors

"While the challenge was in re-establishing the relationships, the opportunities were really in those conversations. We were able to turn those relationships around."
-Sharon Stapel, former Executive Director, New York City Anti-Violence Project

The New York City Anti-Violence Project became our longtime client several years ago when the new Executive Director and Development Director needed help making and rebuilding relationships with major donors who had lapsed. Wingo NYC provided valuable strategy and held their hands to ensure the organization would have a solid base of supporters for years to come. Since then, AVP has hired and re-hired us to design and implement a corporate sponsorship campaign, produce annual special events, and provide interim leadership staffing, board trainings and more. 

Making compelling and beautiful cases for giving

"Doug really helped us make the connection between having an inspiring idea, and being very specific with a donor and saying “Now we need your help.”
-Chris Tepper, Co-founder of the New York City AIDS Memorial

We came on board with the New York City AIDS Memorial at the very beginning, and helped them communicate the importance of a public monument for those that we have lost to HIV/AIDS. From the moment the group became a non-profit, we trained and supported the all-volunteer board, transforming them into a fundraising powerhouse. We equipped them with stunning print and online materials and engaging special events that conveyed a powerful case for support. Together, we raised $6 million to open the memorial on World AIDS Day 2016.

Producing stellar special events, with heart

"I don't have any care or worry the night of the event because Wingo has it down pat."
-Kofo Anifalaje, Development Officer, North Star Fund

When North Star Fund, the largest social justice funder in NYC, needed someone to produce their wildly popular, 600-person and growing, sit-down dinner gala, Wingo NYC stepped in with fervor. From selecting well-known honorees to strengthening the event program, and from motivating the volunteer host committee to managing day-of fundraising strategy, we have helped the event rocket into the stratosphere. This year’s gala raised $1 million, a first for North Star Fund. 

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