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Girl Rising

Girl Rising is a girls' education non-profit with a mission to use the power of storytelling to change the way the world values girls and their education. Through our global programs, we are working to break the barriers to girls’ education. 
A website rebrand enables Girl Rising to further their efforts in girl's education.

Wingo developed a website that enables all visitors to easily navigate to understand Girl Risings mission and work. We designed a place where people come for content (films, books, etc.), information, to get involved, and to support their work, creating an easy and flexible back-end editing function for the client.

With the same branding, Wingo designed their Year-End-Appeal to further their mission statement and receive donor support.

Web Design Refresh   Web layout   Animation Design   YEA Materials

The interface design of the website tells a story through strong brand identity. A user-friendly back-end editing system was created to allow easy editing access for the client.
Girl Rising_Graphic.png
The look and feel of the website is uplifting, bold and hopeful. The easy navigation system allows the user to understand the website's features and experience a smooth interaction.
Year End Appeal Design
Girl Rising_YEA 2023_#10 Cover Envelope.png
Girl Rising_YEA 2023_Lift Note_8.5x3.5_Page_2.png
Girl Rising_YEA 2023_Lift Note_8.5x3.5_Page_1.png
Lift note front and back
Girl Rising_YEA 2023_#9 Remittance_Page_2.png
Girl Rising_YEA 2023_#9 Remittance_Page_1.png
Girl Rising YEA 2023_Letter 8.5x11_General Customized by CL.png
Remittance Envelope
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