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Medicare Rights Center

The Medicare Rights Center is a national, nonprofit consumer service organization ensuring access to equitable, affordable health care for 65 million+ older adults and people with disabilities through counseling and advocacy, educational programs, and public policy initiatives.
MRC needed messaging and collateral that would quickly and visually unpack their multi-faceted mission and services for audiences of all ages. In turn, Wingo created a suite of documents to make the case for support for individual donors, in addition to multi-channel appeals, newsletters and annual reports, showcasing a range of work over the years of 2022 and 2023.

Campaign Planning   Content Writing   Event Design   Campaign Materials   Event Planning

MRC Invite_Postcard_5x7_Page_1.png
MRC Invite_Postcard_5x7_Page_2.png
Postcard Invitation
MRC_FY22 Annual Report Highlights_Page_1.png
MRC_FY22 Annual Report Highlights_Page_3.png
MRC_FY22 Annual Report Highlights_Page_2.png
Copy of MCR_Overview.png
Copy of MCR_Trifold1.png
Copy of MCR_Trifold2.png
Copy of MCR_Trifold.png

2022 Annual
Awards Event

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MRC_Postcard Save The Date_5x7_Final_Page_2.png
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