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Digital Marketing & Content Strategy 101: A Workshop with Nonprofit New York

March 28, 2023

Is your content helping your organization reach its goals? How does your digital presence (website and social media) help guide your audiences to take action to reach your organization's mission?

Relatable content is engaging content. In this workshop, you'll learn how to research your target audiences across platforms, develop a content strategy that centers your audience, and elevates the digital identity of your organization. We will also share digital marketing best practices like measuring content success with simple methods fit for a nonprofit staff of any size. You won't want to miss this collaborative workshop where we show you how to use your organization's past content to reposition your content path for the future.

NONPROFIT NEW YORK MEMBER REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. To register, click here. To learn more about becoming an NPNY member click here.

Key Takeaways:

  • Establish communication objectives and measure success.

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of target audiences.

  • Conduct research on competitor/peer organizations.

  • Develop an understanding of digital communication best practices.

  • Ensure your digital identity and voice are inclusive and follow ethical storytelling guidelines.

Please Note: This meeting is open to staff and board members of current Nonprofit New York member organizations and non-member organizations. Organizations may send more than one individual to participate, HOWEVER, if the event sells out registration may be limited to ONE person per organization due to space constraints.

For questions about this workshop, contact Evan Briggs at For questions relating to registration and Nonprofit New York Membership, contact Darby Masland at


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