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Client Testimonials


“I had been an admirer of Wingo NYC’s work for years and was delighted to receive coaching from them through the Ford Foundation’s BUILD program, where I received individual coaching and attended fundraising workshops with my capacity building cohort. I, like so many other fundraising professionals, learned development work on the job and by reading a ton of resources. Though this is a common experience, I still felt such intense impostor syndrome in my role. Wingo’s workshops and individual coaching not only gave me fresh perspectives on how to do this work, they also really helped me feel more validated and affirmed that my instincts are solid after years of experience. Their support around our case materials was also a game-changer. Having a complete package of beautifully designed materials written with the support and input of seasoned fundraisers will set our growing development team up for success.”

Director of Development
Common Justice
Drama Club.png

“Drama Club benefited tremendously from working with Wingo. Your fundraising intervention was perfectly timed for our growth. In the three months we worked with Wingo we were able to increase our donations by 50%. You helped 'normalize' fundraising within our organization and are wonderful people as well!”

Executive Director
Drama Club

“It was wonderful having the opportunity to talk through some of our communications and fundraising challenges with Wingo!  What I found particularly valuable was the cultural competence that you bring to the table. It allowed us to have conversations that didn't assume a US-based, Western frame of reference. As a Global South NGO, we frequently encounter assumptions about what works that are embedded in a Global North understanding of the world. This process has contributed meaningfully to our next steps in terms of both communications and fundraising.”

Executive Director
The Global Interfaith Network

“Thank you for an incredible event last night. In CASA's history we have never had such a successful fundraiser.  We broke $300K which is a tremendous, not to be taken lightly, milestone for us. And not only was the evening a financial success, the planning and execution were flawless. On top of that, you all are a delight to work with! So flexible and accommodating, and CALM in the storm of gala planning. We are so grateful you all have come into our lives!!!!:) I can't wait to start planning the next event with you all!”

Board President
north star fund.jpg

“Thank you to the Wingo team for all of your hard work, rolling with the punches, managing our last-minute changes and handling all of the crucial minutiae! Every time I walked past one of you last night, I exhaled a breath of gratitude.”

Director of Development
North Star Fund
Art Connect.png

“Fine agenda, targeted delivery, lively discussion, shared commitments, valuable learnings and much enthusiasm for weaponizing our fundraising instincts and putting us to work.”

Board Member
Art Connects New York

“I've worked in nonprofit development and communications for more than 20 years. Over that time, I've worked with a number of consultants on improving and enhancing fundraising and/or communications strategies. What sets Wingo aside–beyond their incredibly smart, responsive and supportive staff–is their ability to scale their recommendations to the organization. Many times, an organization receives feedback and suggestions that could be transformative, but do not seem to take into account the size of your staff or your current capabilities. Wingo conducted a full communications audit and delivered thoughtful, implementable suggestions that we were able to see immediate positive results from. I cannot recommend Wingo more!”

Chief Development & Communications Officer
Row New York

“I just wanted to send a really big thank you for the work you did with us around the gala! We really could not have pulled this off without your help, guidance, and expertise. All of the feedback we received have been overwhelming positive and we exceeded all of our goals, not just the financial ones. Our work is so overwhelming right now during this climate and we really appreciated how you stepped in and provided a guiding hand.”

Director of Development
New York Immigration Coalition

“Your guidance as we worked on new fundraising strategies was relevant, insightful and effective. You committed time to understanding our priorities and made sure her recommendations were aligned with our organizational values. In a short amount of time, our approaches are already proving more impactful. You took time to consider our capacity and offer creative ways to increase the reach and impact of what we already do. This support brought new energy to our fundraising team and we're so grateful!”

Director of Relationships & Special Projects
Campaign for Southern Equality
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