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We are a hands-on group of friendly experts who move organizations toward excellence.

  • Establish and nurture relationships with donors through strategic fundraising

  • Create effective donor communications and cultivation plans

  • Produce outstanding special events including virtual events

We create innovative fundraising programs and special events to meet a full range of client objectives, from board and staff development to program implementation and design.

We help to refine existing fundraising and donor communication programs and facilitate organizational growth and board development.

We work directly with your staff and board to nurture and create change and plan for the future. Our expertise lies in involving everyone in the fundraising process, no matter their experience.

Our Values

Sustainability & Affordability

We strategize and implement with an eye on your budget at all times. We know you have to spend money to raise money, but our fees are reasonable; we only suggest what is healthiest for our clients.


We adhere to ethical fundraising methods and share best practices to help our clients ensure they are beyond reproach.

Teaching & Learning

We believe in training and mentoring board and staff in fundraising, and keeping everyone in our firm up-to-date in the latest trends in the field.

Service to Our Community

We support social, cultural, and environmental change through expertise, engagement, volunteerism, pro bono work and sponsorship.

Where our current and past
clients are based.

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