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Digital Engagement Optimization

Digital Marketing Meets Over 25 Years of Meaningful & Effective Donor Engagement
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In today’s world, an authentic, engaging digital presence is essential for any organization wishing to reach new audiences, establish meaningful relationships and nurture existing connections with followers and donors. 


An organization’s digital presence should be like a flower–dynamic, organic, growing, and spanning across many digital platforms to reach as many audiences as possible. Throughout our 25+ years of partnering with over 300 nonprofits, we know that generating awareness and engagement around a mission is a challenge for every organization. Wingo NYC has heard the call and we’re thrilled to answer, as we announce our new Digital Engagements Optimization (DEO) offering! 


Digital engagements are all the ways that your audiences interact with your organization within a digital space, including your website, social media, email, articles, videos, etc. Our Digital Engagements Team will build an engagement strategy that incorporates all the essential pieces, amplifies your mission, grows your organization and introduces and reaches the right audiences at the right time with compelling content that inspires action.

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How it Works
A robust, customized strategy to accomplish your organization's goals

As digital marketing, fundraising, communications and design experts, Wingo NYC brings a unique, thorough and holistic perspective when creating tailored, multi-channel digital journeys and experiences for your current and prospective donors and supporters. 



Content Strategy

 Infrastructure implementation, content strategy

development, and research

  • Setting organizational goals + campaign objectives with measurable outcomes 

  • Implementing imaginative and customized strategies for content production and publication 

  • Conducting workshops with stakeholders to identify your ideal target audiences 

  • Enhancing digital identity with messaging and designs that inspire engagement

  • Developing a user journey to ensure new followers and visitors are strategically engaged 



Website & UX Design (user experience)

 Website and user experience enhancements – website and social media assessments, optimization recommendations, website and social media readiness

  • Designing a dynamic user experience to guide individuals from first-time website visitors to become advocates and donors 

  • Implementing SEO (search engine optimization) strategies and enhancements to increase website and social media traffic 

  • Designing and creating campaign-specific landing pages 

  • Ensuring website, social, CRMs, and email marketing platforms are optimized, integrated, and automatized


Digital Marketing and Fundraising

Paid and organic marketing campaigns published, real-time reporting and tracking, data-informed campaign enhancements

  • Researching peer and competitor organizations to help inform campaign strategy 

  • Conceptualizing, writing, designing, and producing compelling Google Display, Google Search and social media ad campaigns 

  • Ensuring all ad campaigns are designed and engineered to target specific audiences 

  • Deploying retargeting efforts to strengthen relationships with engaged followers 

  • Implementing digital fundraising best practices and social media charitable giving tools

  • Testing campaigns, analyzing key metrics, and identifying opportunities to increase campaign performance

Want to know more about how a digital engagement strategy can fit into your existing development streams? 


What is Digital Engagement? 

In today’s increasingly digitized world, technology is the connector between you and your current and prospective supporters. For example, Google Search suggests your site to more or less people based on your site design, images, and text used, and social posts often get lost in social media uproar. 


Why Focus on Digital Engagement? 

1. Your website is a digital fingerprint–a visual representation of what your organization is all about. For many, it’ll be the first interaction they’ll have with your organization, so you’ll want to make a great first impression. 

2. Generating supporters & donors autonomously is the new way forward.

3. Making connections with prospective supporters will lead to conversion.


Our Guiding Beliefs 

1. Less is more

Quality content wins over quantity any day. 

2. Insights win over assumptions. 

Data helps us strategize decision-making so we know what’s successful, showing the best way to improve and monetize our investment.

3. Multiple perspectives gain stronger insights. 

Diverse teams are the gift of seeing a problem from multiple angles to solve it. The more dimensions you see, the better your solution will be to tackle the problem. 

4. Recycling content gives it more life (and traffic).

Content never dies and can always be repurposed to build traffic. 

5. KPIs (key performance metrics) keep your campaign honest. 

Keeping teams aligned on goals is key to reaching success.

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