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Whether it's launching a new branding campaign for an entire organization or creating an invitation for a one-time special event, we create cost-effective donor and constituent communications.


Click Here to see over 50 design samples for all sorts of campaigns.

With our in-house design studio, we can provide a full range of creative services from concept to delivery:

  • Graphics for Digital Campaigns

  • Materials for Virtual Events

  • Direct Mail and Newsletters

  • Online Appeals and Web Promotions

  • Printed Brochures and Stewardship Materials

  • Annual Reports and Case Statements

  • Websites and Webpage Design

  • Special Event Invitations and Collateral

  • Press Releases and Fact Sheets

  • Social Media Campaigns

Or email Mikaila at to
learn more about our design services.

“Thank you again for all of your help. We are headed into 2019 with a new logo, new outreach materials and an amazing new Board thanks to you!  It was a genuine pleasure to work with and learn from you.”

Executive Director, Uweza
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