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The Wingo Way: 10 Ways to Boost Your Year-end Appeal

Autumn has arrived, and with it comes the familiar rituals we all cherish: cozying up in our favorite sweaters, indulging in pumpkin spice lattes, and, of course, gearing up for the exciting task of crafting an exceptional year-end fundraising campaign!

As we venture down Wingo Way today, we are excited to share the critical components that will guarantee your year-end giving campaign not only captivates your loyal supporters but also sets your organization on a path of strength and abundance as we approach 2024.


10 Ways to Boost Your Year-end Appeal


1. You must do a print appeal. And then, to get the donor to open the envelope, use design and an evocative teaser, not “2023 Year-End Appeal.”


2. Go more for more of an emotional than a rational appeal, as many gift decisions are emotional.


3. The letter should highlight 2-3 2023 successes and 2-3 goals for 2024.


4. Live sign and write a note on all major donor letters. This is non-negotiable.


5. Consider adding a lift note to highlight a success story or great quote or image.


6. Make sure your url is easy to find, on every piece (except the envelope).


7. Consider using a 6x9 mailing envelope to stand out in the mail.


8. Make your 4-6 e-blasts short and very visual, more like ads than letters, and turn them into social posts.


9. Make sure your giving page is up to snuff and easy to get to from your home page.


10. Get out your print thank you letters by mid-January, live-signed. Don’t rely on an impersonal auto-generated thank you letter (and keep that text fresh, too.)


Ready to elevate your year-end giving strategy and start planning for 2024? Connect with our team of fundraising experts and check out our Design Portfolio to see our work in action!


Stay tuned to hear from Wingo's Digital Marketing + Engagement team to learn how you can optimize your digital year-end campaigns with the latest digital tools and strategies!

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