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The Wingo Way: Campaign Fundraising Essentials

We hope your summer has been fabulous, fun, and full of successful cultivation, both in the garden and with your major donors! Today, we invite you on a journey down Wingo Way to give you a glimpse into how we develop an essential fundraising tool used to inspire support from major funders, individual and institutional alike – the Capital Campaign Case Statement.


What does capital campaign fundraising look like at Wingo?

A case statement is a tool used online and in the flesh to meaningfully engage, educate, and inspire support from prospective donors. It is creatively and carefully written, designed, and shared.

Our process begins with fully immersing ourselves in a client's mission. We become experts in and advocates for the campaign. By doing so, we’re able to create a case statement that inspires support from current and prospective funders and serves as a foundation for future campaign fundraising materials.


10 ways to create a better case statement for your capital or anniversary campaign...

1. Write to your primary audience, individual donors, not foundation program officers. (so avoid jargon). 2. Use emotional language that compels people to give and is centered around the potential impact of the donor. Does the text move you?

3. Keep it brief, four sections with no more than four brief paragraphs in each. 4. Present all important details of the campaign in a clear and digestible format. 5. Be transparent and direct about what you're asking for and why you’re asking.

6. Use good headers and pull quotes to tell your story, as this is all some will read. 7. Answer any and all important questions a prospect might have. 8. Connect the campaign to your mission and vision. 9. Try not to edit by committee, to keep the voice consistent. 10. Design is of the essence, case statements must visually impress, as they often make the first impression.


Take a look at this Case Statement we created for Animal Care Centers’ Campaign for the Future, a $3-million campaign to support the greatest expansion of animal welfare in NYC history! We even brought in the experts to make sure the case statement inspires support from all prospects, humans and animals alike!

To raise awareness and support for this ACC campaign from audiences far and wide, we’re also producing a robust digital marketing and engagement campaign on social media. Check out our latest ad campaign on LinkedIn and Stay tuned for more!


We are thrilled to be working with the American LGBTQ+ Museum (ALM) on a historic campaign to historic campaign to create a robust museum dedicated to dedicated to preserving, researching, and sharing LGBTQ+ history and culture.

In 2026 the American LGBTQ+ Museum will open its doors in New York City in a new wing being built at The New-York Historical Society on Central Park West and will present exhibitions across the United States. To get all the latest on the campaign, and some excellent Queer content on your feed and in your inbox, subscribe and follow ALM on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Here's another historic campaign we're honored to be part of: WE ACT Environmental Justice Center, a 35-year in-the-making, community-led effort to build a new home for environmental justice and climate action leadership!

The WE ACT Environmental Justice Center in Harlem is now under construction! In the new Environmental Justice Center, WE ACT will strengthen its ability to serve as a movement-builder, sharing knowledge, experience, and best practices, along with capacity-building resources, including funding, with allies across the country. Learn more here!

To see more Wingo NYC Design work, check out our portfolio!

Until next time, we wish you all the best in your fundraising endeavors!

With Gratitude,

The Wingo NYC Team

P.S. September is the perfect time to invest in elevating your year-end fundraising plan and digital strategy! Stay tuned to learn how Wingo can bring innovation and FUN back into your your-end fundraising! Ready to start planning now? Contact Aminah Abdul-Majeed at Ready to elevate your Digital Presence? Contact Evan Briggs at


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